Contact Me

This is the page where you can send me those messages about the Mack truck sized plot holes, or the messed up commas that leave you wishing you hadn’t gotten up today.

Bear in mind, I don’t want to hear about the comma in the wrong place. I’ve written/proofed for magazines in a past real life, and everyone has a different idea on where those commas belong. Despite the multitude of rules filling our airspaces (and headspaces), changing language usage means a lot of those rules, especially when used in more informal situations, become etched more in pencil than in concrete. The messed up ones I’m willing to hear about are the ones that take one sentence and turn it into something completely different and leaving you scratching your head.

As for the big horrors – the TYPOS! omg! – or missing words, well, sometimes that’s deliberate and sometimes not. Mostly, it’s because my fingers just happened to be on strike that day. It happens, deal with it.

I don’t expect to hear from many of you because I haven’t been out here long enough yet to stir up a bunch of static. But if you find yourself short-circuiting over anything, drop me a line.