Comments & Feedback

Writing is one of the ways I create, and it satisfies something in me in a way that nothing else does. So while I hope to entertain the readers with my stories, I write for myself. And while I’m grateful as hell for the fans, and feedback is welcome and appreciated, if you’re feeling the need to fill me in on the minutia of what rubs you the wrong way in my stories, don’t bother. I discovered a long time ago, the hard way, that trying to satisfy everyone else is ultimately doomed to failure. People were rarely satisfied, and I was rarely happy.

And if the only reason you’re commenting is to point out all the crap that made you unhappy in any given story, then I’d venture to say you are also rarely satisfied or happy.

I warn for the usual nasty stuff: murder/violence, rape, dub/con, child abuse, etc. But there’s a crapload of stuff that will end up lost in the bushes because there’s just no way to warn for everything that everyone may find offensive. Because for some people, everything is offensive.

So while I welcome and enjoy hearing if my story filled a good spot in your day, or you have comments and/or questions regarding plot confusions, unless a punctuation screwup leaves you with a “WTF does that even mean?”, or you don’t think Tony would actually fuck that guy, I’m not interested. The old Travis Tritt song sums it up pretty well. Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.

Comments on individual stories can be left at the end of individual stories. Those “WTF” missing commas or plot holes that will “accommodate a Mack truck” concerns can be left on the Contact Me page.